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L3Harris Unmanned Systems (L3 US) has assembled a set of core competencies to address the emerging requirements of the UAS and Aerospace industry. These areas of expertise drove our initial design and success of products and continue to lead technical advancements in the industry through development of new products and processes.

System Integration
L3 US is a systems integrator. From integration and adaptation of our core avionics products into a new vehicle to complete end-to-end unmanned systems development, L3 US offers a full complement of engineering and related services in the design and implementation of unmanned vehicles.

Aircraft Systems Design
L3 US provides complete aircraft systems design engineering, from airframe design through fabrication, integration and flight test.

Guidance, Navigation, and Precision Control Systems
L3 US’ precision guidance, autopilot, and navigation solutions have evolved from years of practical experience and the need for cost-effective control solutions for complex smart weapons and UAS. L3 US has developed a diversified collection of autonomous and semi-autonomous control solutions for unmanned vehicles, including advanced guidance and navigation, reliable autopilots, and stability augmentation systems.

Embedded Real-Time Software
L3 US has accumulated a strong corporate history of successful UAS and missile flight tests and demonstrations with its embedded software. L3 US has established a reputation for taking software-driven systems from concept to flight demonstration on time and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. L3 US consistently achieves program success, therefore customers consider us among the industry’s best UAS systems integrators.

Dynamic Flight Simulation and Analysis
L3 US provides expert modeling and analysis capabilities for multi-disciplinary flight simulation development and implementation, including complex non-linear math models, multiple independent vehicle models, and detailed hardware subcomponent models. L3 US supports integration and testing of existing simulations or adaptation of its high-fidelity engineering and six degree-of-freedom (6DOF) simulation to provide rapid analysis of complex dynamic systems.